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I know you have tried to make your own song atleast once

"I know it sounds weird, but how bad, how hard can dying be?" - Cher

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Welcome to nash1.neocities.org, feel free to call me Nash1 or j8ice I really dont mind

My name is Nash, I am a teenager and I love programming (making video games and websites) climbing, swimming, mushroom hunting and leaving school, this website has my deepest thoughts and this website was also made on a school computer, I spend most my days and nights in my room, making this, playing games or doing what ever else, but other then that, well yeah.

Before I decided that I made a good website to put on the web, I started to code before to publish it, so in 2021 I started working on this website so i wanted to have a name like that didnt have a .neocities in but I love this way so yes, this website was made in 2021 but wasnt released until 2022

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Alright so I have been on the internet for about 8 years now, and in my time, I have came across, odd (some would say) weird websites but before I lable them I want to say that some are very weird and some are just, well scary, but thank the website creators, they put their sweat in that so be nice, anyways here they are

Surface web

https://yvettesbridalformal.p1r8.net/ (downloads something)


http://xf2gry25d3tyxkiu2xlvczd3q7jl6yyhtpodevjugnxia2u665asozad.onion/ http://wbz2lrxhw4dd7h5t2wnoczmcz5snjpym4pr7dzjmah4vi6yywn37bdyd.onion/ http://paavlaytlfsqyvkg3yqj7hflfg5jw2jdg2fgkza5ruf6lplwseeqtvyd.onion/

TV love shows are the worse thing ever on television, they take 8479283647648275683760874608576 years to get the point, and Its cringy and it is way to overdramatic, they allways have the same names "Emily, Jake, Tayler, Tom, Justin, Eve, CAN WE JUST STOP???? sorry but if you like them, I dont like you, this also goes with people who think that sitcom things are good, thats enough of this, and this should be on the blog but it not, so yeah.

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