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11th December 2022

Wow, its december and I forgot I made you, I dont understand why I still use this its just kind off gotten in the way, I have kind of lost passion for coding and to be fair, I was never good at it, all that matters I had fun, now I enjoy making songs, art, riding my bike, listening to Nirvana and going outside, its better then the old website, dont get me wrong sometimes here and there I make games and enjoy them but at the end its stupid because I have higher expectations, but yeah all for that, this website wont be a updated as it once was and it will probably never get a big update after this. It was a good run but to be fair I wasnt running from anythiing (haha), cya when I get motovation

6th October 2022

OH MY GOD its octotber, yes i havnt been on the website recently but i have got school to do anyways i like nirvana, theyre my favorite band!11!, so yeah, i got into art a little bit and now i make weird art, i like kurt cobains art, search it up its cool anyways thanks laz for adding my website in, your website is for pros only!!111!!, im a pro, right??? also lord please help me

30th August 2022

I wont post here a lot by the way, i have other things to do

17th July 2022

So thankfully I took this photo but for about 4 weeks or something I was one of the most followed websites in classic tags, and a few days ago I was the second website at the top, here is proof.

Its pretty cool but when I went to see today, it was gone :( but nothing last forever, so yeah.

9th July 2022

Adding hyperlinks, webrings and changing somethings on the website is so annoying, you have to go to every page that you own and its so annoying, so much time is wasted and it feels like forever, BUT ITS NOT

8th July 2022

Damn its July, came so fast (😳) but I havnt updated the website in a while, I am sorry about that but you know, how about every month I change something about the website? would that be cool? idk but I shall continue on what I was saying, mushroom hunting is so intressting, you can find different types of mushrooms, my friend and I found a magic mushroom a few weeks later we looked for it, it died (rest in peace margaret the magic mushroom 2022 - 2022). but what should I change about the website for the monthly thing? Maybe random qoutes or something

23th June 2022

So basically I have some predictions about neocities.org, the website we run or websites on, I searched on google if neocities is safe and it might be bad but google usally puts a warning on, by the way, I dont know how to hack or really use javascript so I wouldnt attack y'all, so my first prediction is that a lot of websites will be taken down because neocities was found to be a bad website, like it was found that they stole stuff from us and did stuff with it, my second is neocities would be hacked, and that many website codes will be leaked and that websites will be taken down for privacy or something, my third is that neocities will always be the same style, nothing changes and nothing will change, and my lucky last is that there will be a mobile app for neocities

21th June 2022

Okay so is this website like the other websites on neocities? I wanted it to look old but new at the same time but I think I failed, I also tried to go a little quirky with some things but so far people like the website, but with 800+ views only 1 person (who isnt me) has posted in my guestbook, it doesnt look that good but cmon, please write something in it!!! I will make a whole new link for your website!!! just do it please, if you have a guestbook I'll write in it, but enough of that lets talk about the website again, I think it doesnt look old, try to tell me what I should change, and teach me some stuff if you can, like tips, ideas, bugs and more, I would adore that!!!

18th June 2022

Its been 4 years since XXXTENTACION died, was shot in a robbery, one of the best rappers, made amazing songs and was only 20 years old, he had a child who will never meet his dad, and its horrible, the world would of been a better place if Dedrick william's dad kept his dick in his pants. go rob an old person (not you dedrick william), rest in peace x. 23rd January 1998 - 18 June 2018

17th June 2022

My friend has got me addicted to Monster's (energy drink) anytime I go out with him, I buy them, help me, before mum and dad find out, but god do they taste good, the thing is, they could mess with my medication and I am under the age of 17 so I might be doomed, but my friend is younger than me and he has a collection of them, I have a mini collection (only two) but he has like 13 of them, monsters taste so good tho, it feels weird drinking them, and I feel like im taking drugs, I guess I am not gonna lie, but I just like them.

16th June 2022

I just want to thank this website for visiting my website and writing down something, would also like to thank him/her for putting my website's name in their website's page "Cool websites !!", lovely layout (our websites look like twins lol)

15th June 2022

I'm tired of this, mass shootings need to stop, in june (this year) 288 mass shootings have already happened, im not american and I might not getting everything right but I know for sure that we need to put a big full STOP to this, school shootings are what hit me the most, innocent children, most of the time are not even 15 die, likes the Robbs Elementry School shooting that was only a month ago, and the Sandy Hook shooting, CHILDREN, ARE DYING, those two I mentioned had kids who were not even 12 that died, America, your country will be a lot safer if you did something about it, PROTECT THE CHILDREN, do what us Australians did and take away guns from people, also JUST DO SOMETHING, you have had over 20 years to do this, SO DO SOMETHING!

14th June 2022

What should I write about? I dont know but I am gonna make this short so yeah, at school I will think a lot of it while collecting these objects that are small but are very usefull, but you dont need to know that, anyways I want to be in the olympics, thats why there is that one photo of that ribbon, my friend kinda forced me to only have one, so I will compete in races maybe, next year I will ditch my friends (I got that ribbon from this thing we do each year (i think) at our school were we go swimminig, we also do other things but I just wanna do swimming, I might make another link and post videos of me swimming, when I feel like I'm safe :), this wasnt short haha.

12th June 2022



10th June 2022

This website suck, why do I bother working on it, never mind ppl are going on it.

PS: Riptide by Vance Joy is an amazing song

6th June 2022

Whats the purpose of life? We are all gonna die one day so why are we here, we have destoryed the world and we have done bad things, why do we even bother existing, like who put us here, why did the universe have to exist? is it so something can live, I wonder what life would be like without, like the universe, everything, what would happen??? but for real, why do we exist? where do we go when we die? why do we die? Alright thats enough sadness

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